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Tale of Tape

biggestloserBeing that January has now passed, I look back at some of the goals I’ve established for myself during 2010. “Measurement” seems to be the key word for myself during this upcoming year. In our office building there are a number of fans of the “Biggest Loser” show on TV. Thus, our own in-house version of said show has begun. I’m sure we are not alone with this traditional new year endeavor of trying to shed the previous year-end indulgences. God knows one cannot help but being bombarded with the relentless dieting/meal plan commercials on television as it is. But alas, it’s one of the first “measurements” I have thrown my hat into this upcoming new year. I will keep you posted on the progress…fingers crossed there.

lockofloveAnother area where “measuring” is coming into play is another personal sacrifice/crusade. Toward the end of last year I lost one of my best friends to cancer. We shared some great times through our college days and saw them grow for both of us into being somewhat respectable parents of our own families. During some of our latter discussions, my friend shared some of his encounters with some ill kids where he received treatment. Being an individual focused more on the positive side of things, I’ve decided to try to donate in a different way besides the traditional financial way for the kids. I have begun to grow my hair out to be able to make a donation to “Locks of Love“.
Thus begins my journey of trying to achieve the proper “measurements” needed. Believe me, coming from a military/sports family, this is probably the biggest personal challenge I’ve ever tried to undertake. So, if you happen to run into me during an upcoming convention, try not to “stare” too much. 🙂

googleanalyticsAnother area of “measurement” which I’m focused on is the performance of our website. Obviously, making sure your dollars spent were put to good use is smart and sound business. Google Analytics is an excellent tool to have installed on your website to assist you in being able to measure traffic. Things that I try to look for, from a designer’s perspective, is how much time is being spent on a page, are certain pages being used as “exits” for the website, and are there things I can do to adjust/increase traffic flow to certain areas of a website. Another way to help “measure” performance of your website is through your search engine reports. SEO and Social Media efforts are instrumental in boosting your website ranking here. I have become entrenched in helping build out Twitter and Facebook pages for our clients. But let me digress here, I’m not the “expert” in this area of our services. Brad Smith is our guru on-staff and could easily assist you if you’re looking to begin this key performance “measurement”.

So, there you have it. A little business and a bit of personal therapy session for myself. I promise to keep you informed of all of the key “measurements” throughout the upcoming months. Do you have any personal or professional “measurement” goals yourself this year? If not, should you? I’m more than willing to share the ride with any takers.

– Keith

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