I had a great meeting today with a prospective client. We were talking about corporate branding, the challenges of multi-divisional marketing, social media marketing, staffing website development, and most importantly, the unique challenges of selling technical and professional staffing.

During our meeting, our conversation turned to the topic of cold calling, and the person I was speaking with had one of the best observations I’ve ever heard about cold calling:

“The more aggressively an industry cold calls, the more you can tell that they are selling a commodity.”  

I couldn’t agree more. When you have something remarkable to offer (whether it’s an exceptional service, outstanding content or unique expertise), it’s pretty easy to get people to come to you. So rather than invest in another sales person to spin the dial, why not invest a little more in creating something remarkable?

0 thoughts on “Cold calling = Lack of value to sell?

  1. This may be true for some market sectors and not for others. Take the IT sector for example. These IT resellers often resort to cold calling as a means of generating business. However, most of these companies are resellers with no business model for creating something remarkable. In this case, cold calling is simply the best option.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jeremiah.

    I agree with you that for many businesses cold calling is widely used because these firms do not have any sort of strategy for differentiation. The cold call mainly because that’s what everyone else is doing.

    However, as an alternative, even these “commodity” businesses don’t have to rely on cold calling. If these firms replaced cold calling with an integrated process of direct marketing (ideally, education based) and telephone follow-up, they will improve their sales efficiency dramatically.

    Also, these firms could adopt inbound marketing to attract more sales leads–but this requires them to make an investment in creating some remarkable content.


  3. Thank you for the reply David.

    You do make a valid point. Perhaps a hybrid of both methods will also work. The main point that a reader could take away from this is that in order for a busines to remain successful is to always look out for new and inventive ways to build business. Sales should have a certain amount of fluidity to it. It needs to be able to constantly adapt to the changing needs of the market… and the current state of the economy.

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