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Link Building for Staffing Websites

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With Search Engines the math is simple:  Content + Authority = Visitors.   If you have a good staffing service and a Killer Staffing Website, then Visitors = $$$.

So content is one thing, but what is Authority?

Authority in the simplest terms are other sites and people who think your site is important enough to pay attention to.  Authority most commonly takes the form of links.  Links back to your site, links to your blog, subscribers to your newsletter, ‘Likes’ on your Facebook profile, followers on Twitter, etc.

There are many ways to come by these links and none of them are easy – they require effort and consistency.  So if you have a good staffing service, then this should be right in your wheel-house.

How do you add links to your site, you say?  Well Google spells it out pretty simply: be interesting, relevant, and participate.  Here are a few ways to build your Websites Authority.

  • Participate in the Community: LinkedIn is the most popular Staffing forum around and they make it quite easy to help people with their questions.  They even have a ranking system where you can be seen as an expert in your field.  Whatever format you choose to help out in, make sure someone you respect in your company is offering their insight and leaving your Website link behind.  The more respected you are in the online community the more likely people are to link to your site.
  • Original Content:  Be interesting, whether it be  a funny story, advice, unique offers, original research, whatever fits your style or your mood.  Think, Why would anyone want to listen to you?  What do you have to offer?
  • Newsletters: Do you expect everyone you know to wake up everyday and ask themselves if they need staffing services?  Of course not.  Make it easy for them with Newsletters and RSS Blog Feeds.  Already have these?  Make it easier to sign up.
  • Social Media: Participating on Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFeed or Facebook can be another great way to build links.  Think about where people spend their time. Getting to know those people can pay off, and not just in getting links.
  • Blogging: “Establish yourself as an authority. There’s no excuse for a company these days not to have a blog. Just building that up as a resource of good articles … another good example is how-tos and tutorials.”  Matt Cutts, Google
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