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And they say email is dead…

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I just got back in the office after a wonderful family vacation.  I didn’t come back to the office with an overflowing inbox though.  Why not? Because even on vacation I checked my email several times each day, clearing out the clutter and responding as needed.  I wasn’t alone.  My husband brought along his iphone and laptop too.  Our kids are used to it.

I noticed while waiting in line (for the new Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey – great ride!), we were surrounded by dozens of other parents who were also busily tapping away on their smartphones. According to results of a recent online survey conducted on behalf of Xobni by Harris Interactive, 50% of all Americans email while on vacation.

In fact, 72% of Americans check email outside of regular business hours. Almost half (46%) responded that they check work e-mail off-hours to ease their workload. 37% are afraid they’ll miss something important, and 27% stated that it is expected of them. 18% believe it is the way to achieve career success.

So, how about you? Do you check your email while on vacation? Why? or Why not?

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