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Can you double your income by reading?

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At the 2010 TempNet Fall Conference, keynote speaker John Klymshyn has some interesting wisdom to share.

Tip #1: To double your income, spend 60 minutes a day reading.

John’s point was that reading opens our minds. It expands our thinking, broadens our vocabularies, and enables us to see ideas and opportunities. Personally, I’m a big proponent of reading (just ask our team here at Haley Marketing), but I’m an even bigger proponent of taking action. As you read, keep a notepad to jot down ideas. Then when you’re done with the reading, evaluate your notes, determine which ideas merit action, and put a plan in place to implement them. Reading is great. Reading and action is unbeatable!

Tip #2: Avoid “failure phrases”

In addition to the advice on reading, John had another very useful observation. He noted that we all use “failure phrases” – words that immediate convey defeat. For example, the phrases “I can’t”, “I have to” and “I’ll try” are all preludes to failure.

“I can’t” means you’re mentally defeated, and you have given up before even considering options.

“I have to” most often means you are focusing your time and energy on either low piority tasks or tasks you don’t enjoy. As a result of “I have to” you may never get to more meaningful and strategic work.

“I’ll try” means I really don’t expect to succeed. You’re giving yourself an excuse for failure before you begin the endeavor. As Yoda said “there is no try, only do.”

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