The Future of Staffing?

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Ask Haley Faithful, you may have noticed that I like to talk about technology.  Whether it’s exploring the merits of my DVR, or the benefits of using an Android device over the iPhone, I like to talk about technology and its impact on our lives.

So, then, I shall wait no longer…without further ado, here’s the latest technology to grab my eye:

Holographic Telecommuting May Soon Be Possible

You may be thinking of “Star Trek” or “Star Wars,” but this is real technology being developed.

Other than being extremely cool (Obi-Wan, anyone?), this technology and its implications raise questions about the future of staffing.  Currently, some technologically-savvy companies utilize programs like AIM instant messenger or Skype to interact with remote workers.

Could holographic technology be the new Skype?  Maybe; maybe not.

But, thinking about the approach you and your clients take to remote staffing, telecommuting, or virtual employment, does emerging technology open up possibilities for recruiting the best and brightest candidates, who might not otherwise be viable candidates due to things like location or transportation?  Does it provide an added incentive or benefit to employers interested in temporary staffing?

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