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Can you afford DIY marketing for your staffing firm?

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Yesterday, one of our clients sent us a sample of an advertisement that they created in-house. To prevent embarrassment for the offender, I won’t share a picture of the ad or the client name. Let’s just say that the piece did not quite convey the ideal image of this professional staffing firm.

The ad was sent around the office, and as you might guess, a great deal of discussion followed. Here’s the single best response, and it was from my partner, Victoria Kenward, who wrote the following advice to our team members at Haley Marketing:

7 reasons why you need to have a heart to heart with your staffing client:

  1. An ad is often your first impression. When the ad lacks professionalism, the reader infers that your staffing company is an unprofessional firm.
  2. A lousy ad will not translate to ROI or profit.
  3. Some places aren’t worth saving money.  You spent a lot of money for the ad placement, so don’t cheap out on the design. If great design isn’t in your budget, get a smaller ad or don’t bother with the ad at all.
  4. Marketing is not your core business, so why are you trying to do it? That’s what you tell your clients, isn’t it?
  5. If you don’t want to hire a marketing firm, at least use a temp graphic designer, not a receptionist, to do your ad layout.
  6. Hearts are great for lovers and 6 year old girls – not for staffing companies.  The same goes for bunnies.
  7. Copywriters write copy.  Designers design ads. Staffing professionals match people with career assignments.  Please let the right people do the right job. Again, isn’t this what you sell, staffing client?
Great points Vicki! You really reinforced the fact that doing things yourself is often not the cheapest route!

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