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Using Google Plus for Lead Generation and Recruiting

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Google has been trying to become a stronger player in social media for a while.  They may have finally introduced a platform that can complete with Facebook.  As a staffing and recruiting professional you need to take note and explore the opportunities that Google+ provides.

Here are a few tips and highlights on Google+ and how it might affect the staffing and recruiting industry:

  • It’s still in Beta and you need an invitation to join (but you shouldn’t have to look to hard to find one).
  • Currently, businesses are prohibited from creating pages but Google is planning to release a business page platform later this year.
  • Individuals can build accounts and begin making connections.  As a business owner or recruiter, now is the time to jump on this.  Create a personal account and start building connections–don’t wait for the business page to become available.
  • Use Circles to separate your friends from your business contacts.  You can even define very niche Circles for candidates with unique skill sets.
  • Use those circles to push out specific job posts, industry news, blog posts, etc. to ensure you stay top-of-mind.
  • Make sure your messages are targeted to the members of each circle, don’t just send out generic messages to everyone.
  • Google Hangouts could be a very powerful (and free) interview and meeting tool for companies that don’t currently have web conferencing capabilities.
  • Job seekers could use Sparks to get feeds of available job openings, salary data, career tips, and more delivered to them.  You could also use Sparks to stay current with what’s happening your marketing or industry.
  • Google +1 could have a big effect on search engine optimization so it’s important to build a strong foundation now (I’ll dig deeper into this in my next blog post).

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Use the comments section below and let me know how you plan on using Google+ in your professional life.

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