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Want to “crash” your website?

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Recently, the website of leading super-retailer Target crashed, causing a social media uproar and leading to nationwide coverage of the event. What could cause the website of a global retailer to ceremoniously crash?

They had visitors to their site…lots of them!

The launch of a limited-time-only fashion line by Missoni, a popular designer, created so much buzz and excitement that the site gained more visitors in a short time than they typically do on Black Friday – the busiest day of the year.

While a crashed website can lead to poor customer service reviews and bad PR, the retailer had the site back up and working within minutes. Oh, and they garnered excessive media coverage on multiple outlets across the country, including CNN.

Target effectively used several channels to spread the word about the Missoni line, and to deal with questions and communications during the website outage. And for a brief, relatively minor website outage, they sure generated a lot of positive buzz.

You can be like Target!

Okay, so you might not have a limited-time offer from a famous designer (and you certainly don’t want your website to crash!), but there are other ways to drive traffic to your website:

  • Have great content on your website. How long ago did you last update your website? Did you work with a professional design firm? And what types of content are you adding to it? In today’s marketplace, content is king. If you’re not sharing your expertise with useful content, than you’re woefully behind. If you can’t afford an entire website re-do right now, consider adding a blog to your site. Then, add content – lots of it. Industry tips, news, employee stories…you name it, post it!
  • Be social! You’ll hear this from us all the time, and we’ll continue beating you over the head with it (just like cough medicine when you’re sick – it’s good for you!) – you must be active in social media! Conversations on Facebook and Twitter can lead directly to sales leads and increased quality candidates. They drive traffic to your website, and even better, are a way for you to distribute that great content we just mentioned!
  • Optimize your site. SEO is a strange, yet powerful, buzzword that can be confusing to a lot of people. More than the act of loading your website with industry keywords, SEO is both an art and a science. Join forces with an experienced SEO team, and you’ll not only generate more traffic to your site, you will get more targeted traffic – people who are more likely to act (eg. Call you about a hiring need, apply to a job). SEO can be tricky – ineffective use of SEO by an inexperienced person can actually hurt your search engine rankings – so choose an SEO provider that has proven experience and results.

Have questions about blogs, social media or SEO? Haley Marketing can help! Toss us your most complicated questions, and let our team of marketing experts help you “crash” your website.

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