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Are you relevant? If not, Google may ignore you and your customers might too!

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Over the last year or so Google has made quite a few changes.  If you have a Gmail or other Google account you’ve probably noticed the new privacy policy notifications.  To sum it up, Google has grouped all of their different products under one roof (and one privacy policy).

What you may not realize, is just how many different products Google really owns.  The biggies are obvious: Google Search, Google Documents, Gmail, Google Maps, Google+ etc.  But here are a few others that may or may not surprise you:

YouTube (the second biggest search engine, behind Google.com), FeedBurner, Picasa, Hotpot, Patent Search, Product Search, Scholar, Picnik, Panoramio…the list goes on and on.  If you’re interested, here is a longer list of Google products.

As you can see, Google is so much more than a search engine. 
What I’m getting at here is that Google has a hand in nearly everything people do online.  From search to shopping, from email to game-playing, data storage to social media. Google helps drive the way people use the Internet.

With the latest change to their privacy policy, they are tying all of their different products together.  What does this really mean?  The data they collect and analyze for each product is now shared across the board.  The goal of doing this is to provide a better, more targeted Internet experience–and maintain control over how people use the Internet.  My gut feeling is they see Facebook as a huge competitor in not just social media but in the entire Internet experience–but that’s a completely different blog post!

Google’s changes will affect how people conduct business–so you better get on board.
As Google looks to provide a more relevant Internet experience, search engine results will rely more heavily on social relevance.  If you get nothing else out of this post, remember this:


In addition to all the key search engine optimization signals on your website (meta titles, links, URLs, content, etc.), Google is taking into account social media and conversations about your brand and products.  And, with Google’s personalized search, results are based on what your connections see as relevant.  For staffing firms, it’s extremely important to have a strong presence in social media and foster online conversations.  If you don’t, I suspect your traffic from search engines will begin to decline.

Interested in learning more about social relevance and how it will affect your staffing firm?
Join our next Lunch with Haley free webinar on social relevance. We’ll dig deeper into Google’s changes, the role of social media for staffing firms, and how you can become more relevant. 

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