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A Tribute to George Zenger Jr.

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George Zenger Jr. I am so sorry to write about the passing of our long-time print vendor and friend, George Zenger. After a long and hard fought battle with cancer, George passed away last weekend.

George and his team at The Zenger Group have been great business partners to Haley Marketing over the past 15 years. But George was much more than a vendor.

In our early years, George made the time to teach a young business owner the ins and outs of printing. And while other vendors may have taken advantage of my naivete, George went out of his way to help me understand his business and make the smartest decisions for our clients.

No, I wasn’t a big customer of his. And I didn’t offer huge potential for revenue, but still he made the time to help me. To teach me. To provide the support that enabled our company to grow and effectively serve our clients.

Over the years, we saw George many times. Other than the postman, he’s the only vendor that would make daily visits to our firm. Sure, he could have had someone else stop by, but George was the kind of person who made time for his clients. Who really cared about the people he served. Who viewed customers as friends.

George Zenger was indeed a very rare and very special person. I am so glad to have known him, and so sorry he is gone. From all of us at Haley Marketing, we extend our sincere condolences to The Zenger Family, and we hope George is now enjoying the back 9 on a new course.

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