Free Webinar: Learn What You Should Be Doing on Social Media to Help Drive Sales and Recruiting Efforts

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It’s safe to say social media has transformed the way we do business.  And it has transformed how we get business.  Clients and candidates use social platforms as a way to connect with and choose a staffing firm.  Social media is about adding value and having conversations, not direct selling or advertising jobs.  So how can you strengthen your social presence?  Sign up for a free one hour webinar.


You will also learn:

  • How your social media presence can impact search engine rankings and online visibility.
  • How staffing firms are using social media successfully.
  • How to manage your social strategy.
  • Why social sharing is a valuable tool for your staffing firm.
  • How to use social media to create more inbound web traffic
  • The “newer” players — Pinterest and Google+, and why they shouldn’t be overlooked
  • And much more!


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