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Very Cool Curious George Style Book about what the Internet IS

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Cloud computing.  Cookies.  Plug-ins.  Java script.

There’s enough Internet lingo that many people wish there was a manual to decode all the jargon.  And at Haley, we get a lot of questions every day about how the Internet actually works.

I came across this very informative (and entertaining) Curious George style book that I wanted to share:


In it, you’ll find:

  • What is cloud computing?
  • How your browser finds the right web page when you type a URL into its address bar?
  • What exactly is a web app, anyway? And why should we care?

And more!

I hope you enjoy this and that it answers some of your questions about the inner-workings of the Internet.

And if you have any specific questions regarding your website, email marketing, SEO, blogging or any other service, just give us a call at 888.696.2900!

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