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A Lesson from Staffing World 2012

Haley Marketing's Idea Lab booth at Staffing World 2012
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Haley Marketing's Idea Lab booth at Staffing World 2012

If you build it, they will come.

The Haley Marketing team just got back from Staffing World in Las Vegas. As you might expect, it was a terrific event. Lots of great content, incredible networking, and hanging out in Las Vegas for a couple of days isn’t bad either.

But my biggest take home this year did not come from the speakers. Or the client meetings. My take home was about the Expo hall and our booth.

This year, we tried something really different. We set out to create a booth with lots of goals in mind:

  • It had to provide a visual WOW.
  • It had to make people curious.
  • It had to tie in our new website.
  • It had to make people smile.

And from these goals we created Idea Lab!

Our first ever 2-sided booth that was part gallery, part laboratory and lots of fun (people were doing shots of alcohol at 10 am!). It was also a perfect tie-in to the Idea Lab on our new website.

The result?

People loved the bubbling dry ice. They stopped us where ever we went in our black lab coats. And they brought their teams over to view all the samples of marketing for staffing that we displayed.

The Lesson

If you’re doing trade shows or job fairs, go big. You don’t have to invest a ton on fancy booths. But you do need creativity…a willingness to have fun and push the envelope a bit…and an understanding of how your booth design relates to your marketing objectives.

If you build it (right), they will come!

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