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You are annoying, frustrating, angering and disrespecting your clients if…

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…you don’t have a good mobile experience. 

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of SOASTA, roughly 9 in 10 Americans had a negative feeling towards companies that provided a poor mobile web experience.  Most respondents cited they were annoyed and frustrated as the result of a poor mobile experience while some respondents went so far as to report that they felt disrespected while others now distrust the brand. 


So how does this impact your staffing or recruiting firm?

In talking with many staffing companies, I often hear “well not many people visit our site from mobile phones,” or “we do light industrial so our people aren’t going to our site from smart phones.”  I’m here to tell you it straight: YOU’RE WRONG! 

Want proof?  Open your website analytics and you can see exactly how much traffic is coming from mobile devices (and if you don’t know how, I just posted a video showing how to look at mobile staffing website traffic).  Last year the average mobile traffic to our client’s websites was in the low teens (hovering around 13%).  Today it’s closer to mid 20’s and next year it might be closing in on the majority.  And for those of you that staff light industrial–it’s probably even higher, not lower! 

What should you do?

  1. Open your website on a mobile device.
    Try if for yourself and make sure it’s easy to navigate, easy to find information, and is more streamlined than your existing site. 
  2. Look at analytics.
    Find out exactly how many people are using mobile on your site and then compare it to the last six months and last year.  Then think about how much more mobile traffic is going to increase and determine if you need to invest in a new, mobile friendly staffing website
  3. Try to apply through mobile.
    One of the biggest issues I see is with the candidate intake process.  Often, staffing firms serve up the same three page (or worse) online application that they display for desktop visitors.  Well guess what?  If you do that you just lost out on a great candidate!  People aren’t going to fill out a huge application on their mobile device.  Instead look for ways to streamline the process like offering a very short application or better yet allow them to apply with their LinkedIn profile (this is something that the Haley staffing job board allows candidates to do).
  4. Call Haley.
    Well sure this tip is a little self-serving but I think you’ll be happy with the response!  If nothing else we will help you review your existing site and provide some great tips and best practices you can use to improve your online experience for both desktop and mobile users. 


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