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Paper Airplane Contest (While the cat is away part 2)

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Our week of fun continues at Haley Marketing with a thrilling paper airplane contest.  The rules were simple:

-one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper

-you can fold or cut it anyway you would like

-nothing can be added to the plane other than decorations

-the closest to the building next door wins

Congrats to Brian Battenfeld for his win with “Air Rugby”.  Here are some pics from the exciting competition…

Haley Air Traffic Control has the contestants lined up and ready.
Airplane day #2

Not even his co-pilots Maverick and Goose could help Matt win. (And in case you are wondering, yes we did throw them out the second floor window)
Airplane day #3

The Haley Air Force after a hard fought battle.

Airplane day #1

We also did a second round throwing from ground level that was won by Kyle Denhoff and his airplane “Big Red”.  Congrats to all for their creative planes and god bless the internet for providing the plans!

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