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Baseball Day (While the cat is away #3)

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For our final day of fun we had a great theme day…Baseball.  Some people wore their favorite baseball jerseys.  Some were smart not to wear their Red Sox gear and everyone enjoyed a hot dog cookout. 

The main event was a home run derby in our side yard.  Unfortunately not everyone got to hit because Brian and Kaitlin decided to muscle up and put all three balls on the roof of the collision shop next door.  However, we did get plenty of people to take their cuts.  Here were the final standings…

Brad – 13

Kyle – 8

Todd – 7

Tiffany – 6

Brad B. – 3

Ryan – 2

Paula – 2

Brian – 1 (he had 3 but we deducted 2 for the balls he put on the roof)

Matt – 0

Cathy – 0

Kaitlin – -1 (again for one put on the roof)
We are happy to report that the only casualty was Krista’s head.  Which took a line drive from Kyle but like all good Fitzsimmons girls she rubbed some dirt on it and got back to the fun.  Her exact quote was “I’m so mad I actually cried!”  Well said Krista!  While we don’t have actual footage of the incident it did look something like this…


Here are some pics of our fun day.  Don’t worry we’ll have plenty more summer fun coming.  David and Vicki made us promise to save some fun for when they get back.

Matt serving up a softball…the reason Brad hit so many Home Runs!

Baseball 2

A great shot of Kyle just before he almost knocked Krista out cold.

Baseball 3

And this is the shot that ended the home run derby.


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