Inforgraphic: Digital Marketing Trends in 2013

Share this: recently released an Infographic on digital marketing trends for 2013 and beyond.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. Mobile traffic exploding and you need to embrace it!
    – It’s expected that by 2015, mobile traffic will outpace traffic from PCs
    – If your business is local, you need a strong mobile presence.  30% of all searches on mobile devices are local compared with just 16% on PCs.  If you don’t have a strong local presence, you’re losing business. 
  2. Social media continues strong growth.
    – 87% of marketers are using social media to distribute content.  If your firm isn’t using social, you’re not in the conversation and you’re not relevant socially. 
    – LinkedIn the most popular network for content sharing and we’ve found it particularly beneficial for building staffing sales leads (and of course recruiting). 
  3. Content marketing is producing nice returns.
    – This research notes that content marketing lead to a 25% increase in website traffic.  However, at Haley Marketing we help over 140 staffing and recruiting firms with content development and we have found an average traffic increase of over 200% after about a year of content marketing. 
  4. Author rank is growing in SEO importance.
    – Search engines are looking at author rank as a ranking factor when serving up search results.
    – To be seen as relevant and improve your search rankings you need to publish good content on your site and others, and get more people socially engaged with your content.
    – Don’t forget about Google+.  Google+ is growing in relevance and it can have a very nice positive impact on your search results. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss your digital marketing strategy in more detail please give me a call at 888-696-2900 or email me.  Here is the full infographic:


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