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Great advice from Barb Bruno and Mike Gionta #NAPS2013

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NAPS 2013

More sales. Less work.

At the NAPS 2013 Conference, two of the recruiting industry’s top consultants provided workshops where they outlined a proven formula to get more job orders–and attract more qualified candidates–without more cold calling.

Their secret? Content marketing!

At Haley Marketing, we’ve always been huge proponents of content marketing. It’s the art of selling…without selling. As Mike described it, content marketing is a mid to long-term strategy that will:

  • Position you as a market niche expert.
  • Demonstrate your search capabilities.
  • Keep you top-of-mind with ALL your clients, prospects and candidates.
  • Allow you to effortlessly spread the word about your business.
  • Attract employers and candidates to you.

In Barb’s presentation on Educational Selling, she noted that most recruiters generate 75% of their income from five or fewer clients. That’s too risky. Barb recommended a goal of 30 clients with a mix of ten key accounts and 20 smaller ones.

Barb also noted that top talented individuals want to be represented by expert recruiters in their niche. Content marketing is the means by which you position yourself as an expert…and it allows you to attract new clients when you’re busy serving your current clients.

Content marketing in 3 easy steps

  1. Setup a blog and email newsletter. They will provide you with a platform for your content marketing.
  2. Produce great content–regularly. Content creation has to become a habit (or you can outsource it). You need to create something new at least once a week and communicate with your audience at least twice a month. Great content is anything that your reader finds relevant, useful and interesting. Mike recommended giving away your expertise–show people how to be a great recruiter (they won’t do it on their own, but they will have an appreciation for what you really do!)
  3. Be consistent and subtle in your promotion. Content marketing is not about selling; it’s about educating. Share great ideas via your blog and email. Optimize content for search engines. Share your posts on social media. And be sure to include links back to your website as well as your contact info.

Free on demand webinars on content marketing

  • Content Marketing – the art of selling without selling
  • Content Marketing LIVE – examples of content marketing in action
  • Making it Rain – from pounding the phones to making it pour

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