What Are You Most Thankful for this Year?

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Thankful We posed this simple question to the people here at Haley Marketing. Our responses ranged from the typical to the downright silly, but one thing’s clear – we have so much for which to give thanks.

So, before everybody rushes headlong into a week (yes, it’s a week now) of Black Friday shopping, we wanted to take a moment to share the things that make our lives better.

Here are the top responses:

  1. Family and friends whom we love – and who love us in return.
  2. Health.
  3. Working with a great team of talented, creative and generally awesome people at Haley – who make every day an adventure!
  4. The holidays.
  5. Opportunities to work with great clients / make a difference in our clients’ businesses.

…and a few other notable ones (in no particular order!):

  • Economic uncertainty. It’s really good for the staffing industry. (David)
  • Donuts. (Todd)
  • Every hardship, every person who ever said “no” to me, every time someone challenged me, every difficulty I have endured – because those things made me who I am today, and without them I would not have taken this path. (Vicki)
  • Downton Abbey. (Rob)
  • Chicken wings. (Matt)
  • Aleve. After discovering MMA conditioning class on Sat, I am most grateful for this!(Kelly)
  • Great bosses. David and Vicki challenge us every day – pushing us to do better, find alternate solutions and exceed our clients’ (and HMG’s) expectations. (Jenny and Mandy)
  • Yoga pants. (Cathy)
  • Fermentation. It gives us wine, beer and spirits! (Rick)
  • Being able to get anywhere in Buffalo within 20 minutes. (Brad)
  • Martial arts. (Vicki and Mandy)
  • Donuts. (again, Todd)
  • Getting to play ice hockey, even if I’m the old man on the team. (David)
  • Living in Buffalo…where the weather makes working a better alternative than being outside! (Jari)
  • Music – specifically bluegrass music (hey, no one can diss Man of Constant Sorrow and George Clooney) and the gift of being able to play and teach it. (Jenny)
  • Technology at our fingertips that previous generations could only dream of. We carry more computing power in our pockets than was used to launch the first space craft! (Cathy)
  • Lemon cake. (Heather)
  • A fantastic work-life balance. (Rick)
  • A sense of humor – and others who understand mine. (Greg)
  • Telecommuting. It allows me to have a great career with Haley, without the 180-mile drive! (Mandy)
  • Wine. (Jenny and Maggie)
  • Forgiveness for occasionally missing a deadline. (Brad)
  • Dark Magic coffee. (Greg)
  • Tim Hortons coffee. (Brad)
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee. (Cathy and Kelly)
  • Mini donuts. (guess who?)

What are you most thankful for this year? We’d love to know. And from all of us at Haley Marketing Group, have a great holiday!

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