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Paying it Forward: a Case Study in Shareworthy Service

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Like many staffing firms in Dallas, CornerStone was struggling to attract high quality candidates in a very competitive market.

A loyal Haley Marketing client, the service turned to Social Media Marketing Advisor Kyle Denhoff for help. They wanted to know how well they were ranking in candidate searches, as well as what they could do to get more job seekers to call them about specific positions.

Kyle did some research on their behalf, and came up with a few specific recommendations to improve the search engine optimization on their website. The client took Kyle’s advice, hired us to upgrade their site – and their traffic went through the roof.

Massive Gains

By helping this client rank well for a larger variety and number of keywords, our upgrades increased their site traffic by a whopping 59%! They also realized a:

  • 56% increase in various site visitors
  • 62% increase in direct traffic
  • 15% increase in the number of keywords used to find their site

But that’s just the beginning of this story.

Kyle then took the time to educate this firm about the value of social media to SEO. He explained that, the more people “talked” about their business online, the higher relevancy their site would have with search engines. He shared his expertise and taught them how to use tools like blogging, SEO and Facebook to attract and engage the right kind of candidates. Specifically, Kyle recommended that they try paid Facebook ads to reach more people and quickly fill specialized jobs.

Once again, this client followed Kyle’s advice – and has since turned Facebook advertising into their #5 referral source. In 2013, the client has seen 9,251 visits from Facebook alone. The client informed Kyle that they were able to fill over 20 jobs directly through their Facebook advertising.

Paying it Forward

When Kyle saw how well Facebook ads worked for this client, he saw an opportunity for us to help our other social clients improve recruiting. Currently, Kyle is systematically testing paid job ads for five Haley customers – free of charge.

Here are a few results from a single Facebook ad we placed for a single client:

  • 21 new “Likes” on the client’s Facebook page. This helps increase brand awareness and reach for our social sharing content.
  • The post was seen by 5,700 users on Facebook.
  • We received 13 clicks that directly landed on the job.
  • We received 9 applications and 5 subscriptions to the client’s job board in just 7 days.

Now That’s Shareworthy

Kyle’s efforts went well above and beyond the service any of these staffing companies expected. He shared his expertise, spotted a potential opportunity for our customers, then spearheaded a no-cost, no-risk recruiting pilot program to test it out – and delivered great results for our clients!

And we think that’s pretty shareworthy service.

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