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Shorter copy. Better results.

Secret to Writing 1 Blog Post Every Week | Haley Marketing Group
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How long does copy need to be?

As long as it takes to convey your message and drive action.

Staffing and recruiting websites should give prospects just enough information to entice them to contact you. Visitors to your website need to know two things – can you solve their problems and how can you be reached?

How can shorter copy help you achieve your goals?

Increasing Conversion

Conversion rate is the percentage of users who take the action you want while on your site. The higher the rate of conversion, the more effective your website – and the better your results.

Conversion can include many things, depending on your business goals – contacting you, placing an order or signing up for your newsletter. And according to a recent study by MECLABS, conversion  increases substantially with shorter copy.

Reducing Friction

What is website friction? Friction is anything on your site that causes a psychological speed bump. It creates an obstacle that prevents your prospects from converting or causes them to hesitate. Friction can be caused by unappealing design, unclear copy or technical glitches like slow page-load time.

What it really comes down to is how easy are you making it for your potential clients to do business with you? Is your site confusing or outdated? Is it cluttered with excess copy or irrelevant images?

Is it hard for visitors to figure out what you offer (your value proposition) and what you want them to do (calls-to-action)?

Make your message clear. Make conversion easier.

Does longer copy ever make sense?

Sometimes. Longer copy is often used when you hope to make a one-call-close. If you want your prospects to  “Click Here to Buy Now” then your copy must overcome any possible objections up front. But in the  staffing and recruiting world , initial client contact is just the beginning of the relationship.

Writing short copy isn’t easy.

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

Mark Twain knew that writing tight is tough. Every word counts . There’s no room for meandering prose or tangential thoughts.

So don’t write  “At XYZ Staffing, we pride ourselves on being the most timely provider of temporary, temporary-to-hire and permanent employees …”

What your potential clients need to read is “Find talent faster.”

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