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Manual or Automatic – How to Shift Your Blogging into Gear

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A hot topic in the social media world, especially with our clients here at Haley, is posting blogging content to social media sites. At a basic level, we cheer for it. You can and should do it. It’s a great way not only expand the reach of your content and drive traffic to your website, but it helps to create a strong online reputation for your company.

When a company publishes regular, fresh content, it gives users a reason to keep returning to your website for the opportunity to learn something new or help solve a problem. When a company pushes that content out to social media pages, it helps make that content more easily found, and makes it even easier for users to share and interact with that content.

So, we know we should be sharing content socially. Now what?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to accomplish this: you can post manually, or you can set up an automatic feed through one of the many available free services out there. Which is the better option? Outlined below are a few pros and cons to help you decide:

Automatic Feeds

  • An automatic feed will push content out to the social pages you link it to, which can include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • When a blog post is published, it will be pushed out one time to each of the sites you link it to.
  • When you use an automatic feed, you cannot 100% control what image is pulled when posted to Facebook.
  • Allow the peace-of-mind that your content is being shared without logging in to do so manually

Manually Posting

  • Must remember to do this regularly.
  • Allows you the freedom of posting the text you would like along with the content.
  • Allows you the freedom of posting a graphic of your choice.
  • Content published manually ranks more highly in Facebook’s algorithm of what is served to users.

Both strategies provide options for sharing your content socially and helping to increase your reach. At Haley, we provide options for both automatic and manually sharing content to your social pages. Whichever method you prefer, sharing your content socially provides great added value to your content marketing.

Tip: Don’t just share content once. Regardless of the method you use to initially post content, encourage your entire team to share the content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to greatly increase your reach!

For more social media strategies, download our free eBook: Social Media: A Game Plan for Staffing and Recruiting Firms.

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