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We’re Not Perfect…But We’re Close!

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smile I love numbers.

There, I said it.

True, “touchy-feely” stuff is really important in delivering shareworthy service; but you can’t ignore the power of a solid statistic. Tracking, measuring and quantifying your service efforts provides vital feedback on how well you’re really doing.

And if you are doing a good job, those numbers are a great way to back up your claims about your customer service!

At Haley Marketing, we always measure the results of our work – for ourselves and our clients. As part of ongoing effort to raise the bar in customer service, we track key statistics to gauge both the speed of, and satisfaction with, our online Help Center (through Zendesk).

Here are a few of our latest customer service statistics:

  • Overall satisfaction ratings for Haley Marketing’s services range from 95% to 97% – while the industry benchmark for similarly sized marketing firms is 80%.
  • We average 265 new help tickets each month. The average for companies like ours? 2,526 per month!
  • We respond to 64% of new tickets within one hour and 88% of new tickets within eight hours.

Not perfect (like that smile), but not too shabby!

Honestly, there is no such thing as “perfect” customer service. Life happens – and we’re all human. So instead of trying to be perfect, be honest. Be responsive. And always provide great service recovery when something goes wrong.

And if you’re not proactively tracking your customer service statistics, you need to start. In addition to uncovering great success stories to share, gathering feedback also helps you to identify opportunities for new business and keep from losing silent (but disgruntled) clients. If you need help getting started with the process, this post explains how to measure your customer satisfaction levels.

What customer service statistics are most important to your staffing or recruiting firm? How do you measure your success? I’d love to know – please leave your comments below!

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