The Honey Foundation

More than Random Acts of Kindness!

Thank you for your helping our Hive (and many others). In 2012, HMG donated a beautiful website to our 501c3 Charitable Foundation. Since then, we have helped raise over $50,000 for other charitable causes, like Phoenix Children’s Hospital, American Cancer Society, and others. In addition, we have impacted thousands of lives through our community awareness initiatives about Kindness.

Now, The Honey Foundation is excited to announce our biggest project yet! During the 2014/15 School Year, The Honey Foundation will work with 4 local Arizona Charter Schools to bring a brand new Kindness Curriculum to the classroom. We will work hard to determine how Random Acts of Kindness change childhood behaviors at school. (We think it will make a huge impact on the lives of those involved)

We beelieve the World receives hope, through Kindness. We’re trying to create a better tomorrow, changing lives today. Thank you for all of your help getting our honey-bees the flight off the ground. We couldn’t do it without our friends at HMG.

Thank you. Just Beecause.

Justin M. Clark

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