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3 Steps to a Social Sharing Strategy (That Even YOU Can Manage)

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At Haley Marketing, we frequently have clients who can’t quite answer the question: “What is social sharing?” After we spend some time with them, all of our clients should be educated on the importance of a social presence and know exactly how and what to share. But knowing is one thing… doing is another.

“We just don’t have time!”

With all that running a company entails, social sharing is usually at the bottom of our clients’ never ending to-do list. We get it. In fact, (shhh… don’t tell!) we can be guilty of this ourselves. But the truth remains – you need to have a strong social strategy in place.

So here are three easy steps for implementing a social sharing strategy:

1. Social Sharing is a Team Sport

Getting your team involved in your social sharing strategy is critical. Upon posting content to your company pages, ask your employees to like, share, retweet and/or comment. Search engines and social media platforms favor content with high engagement – helping to improve both your ranking and visibility.

Make this easier for your team by sending out a memo. Announce that new content has been posted, provide a link, and encourage them to share. This is not only great for SEO value, but it expands the reach of your content to a much larger audience.

2. Make it Convenient.

Just like going the gym, convenience is key. If it’s out of the way, you will be much less likely to go. Do yourself some favors that will help make your social sharing routine much easier to stick to.

  • Make a content calendar – complete with dates, links, graphics, as well is who is in charge of posting.
  • Use tools such as Buffer to schedule posts for the month (or more) across multiple social platforms.

3. Test, Test, Test!

Test the type of content you are sharing by comparing the level of engagement your posts receive. As a staffing company, it might seem obvious to post open positions. But many Haley clients find that their job postings receive much less interaction on Facebook than they do on Twitter. The posts that typically see the most Facebook engagement are generally more personal in nature. Pictures of team building activities, community service project updates, and the office Christmas party are all safe bets. Whatever the case, your audience literally gets to “vote” for what type of content they like best. Listen to them.

If all else fails (get ready for a self indulgent plug) Haley Marketing offers a social sharing program! We will work directly with you to assess your current social strategy, set goals, and actually implement the new strategy for you. We will also provide Google Analytics tracking and reporting so that you can see just how strongly social sharing impacts your web traffic. If you are interested in more information about the social sharing services we offer, contact us today!

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