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Case Study: TERRA Staffing takes skill marketing to a new level

Terra Staffing website case study
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TERRA Staffing is using Haley Marketing’s new Talent Showcase tool – a platform for skill marketing candidates with a Pinterest / online staffing feel. And the results have been excellent!

Over the last 90 days:

  • TERRA is getting two new placements a month
  • People who visit the Talent Showcase spend an average of 4:18 on the website.
  • Talent Showcase has a 60% lower bounce rate than the rest of the website.
  • Over 1000 visitors entered the website through the Talent Showcase; 600 of these visitors had never visited Terra’s website before.
  • Talent Showcase visitors have a conversion rate that is 65% higher than all other visitors to TERRA’s website
  • Over 2,500 pageviews in the Talent Showcase.
  • One current client saw a former temp on the Talent Showcase and requested her back for this summer.
  • Talent Showcase candidates are 20% more likely to get placed.

After the first month, the Talent Showcase had paid for itself for the next 10 years!

And those aren’t the only benefits!

Click here for the full case study!


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