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Why is the Net Neutrality decision important for your business?

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I’m sure we will hear varying views of the recent Net Neutrality decision reached today by the FCC. But so far, why is it important for business and how might it affect the staffing industry?

In my opinion, Net Neutrality is crucial for every small business owner who relies on the Internet to launch, move into new markets, or advertise their products and services to customers. The issues at hand could directly affect every company’s and individual’s  ability to continue to create content and share content online without being under the scrutinization of your ISP, who would have had the right decide what is appropriate content and how to charge for it. Their decision could be affected by their own business agenda, partnership or working relationships. Net neutrality keeps the right to post whatever content that you want to your own site in your hands, not someone else.

Additionally, at face value, this decision keeps the marketplace open, fair and affordable. This not only allows for continuing creativity, but assures that those you are trying to reach with your message can find and hear you without any additional requirements or extra expense. This type of activity could create a wide divide when attempting reaching job seekers who might only be able to afford a base level of internet access, perhaps with portions blocked from their view.

While we know that no decision is perfect, this one seems to work to maintain a level playing field for all internet users assuring you can continue to reach YOUR audience with YOUR message without additional expense, scrutinization or blocking on either side. Remember, we still don’t know exactly what the legislation states as they must approve it first before we know. I’m sure we will understand any impact or deferred impact in the days to come.

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