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Passing the Baton: a Case Study in Shareworthy Service

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200288418-001 Careers In Nonprofits, a staffing agency focusing exclusively on the nonprofit sector, needed a fresh new brochure to explain their value proposition and services to nonprofit professionals looking for work.

The staffing firm chose to work with Haley Marketing Group again (since we’d delivered great results in the past!). But, they selected a different employee, Anne Randhava, Senior Manager Strategic Initiatives, to coordinate the project.

Heather Perrotta, the Haley Project Manager for Careers In Nonprofits, knew from experience that “passing the baton” to a new coordinator could present a host of challenges. Without truly shareworthy service, even a little thing like a communication slip-up could potentially derail the project – resulting in delays or additional costs that could frustrate the client.

Heather knew what was at stake, and she knew what she needed to do. She prepared herself and the client for success with a four-part shareworthy service plan:

  1. Respond quickly. For requests large and small, Heather would reply quickly – 100% of the time.
  2. Outline each step of the project. This way, Anne would know exactly what to expect – and what Heather would need from her.
  3. Streamline communications. Rather than having Anne deal directly with our design team and copywriters, Heather would coordinate every aspect of the project on her behalf.
  4. Communicate clearly. In every email, phone call and update, Heather would provide complete, detailed information to head-off mistakes and keep the project on track.

Sound simple?

In theory it was, but delivering exceptional customer service to a first-time point person created lot of extra work on Heather’s part – service that she was more than happy to provide! As a result of Heather’s diligence, the project was completed seamlessly. Anne was thrilled with both the brochure and the service she received from Heather.

In Anne’s words:

“Our company has worked with Haley Marketing on a brochure in the past, and we immediately reached out again when we had a new need. This was my first time as the point person, and I had a great experience! Not only was Heather an exceptional Project Manager, but she was also supportive, quick to respond, and gave great guidance. Heather (and the teams she worked with at Haley) met and exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks for your hard work!”
tars: 5 out of 5
Rating: 10 out of 10

Now That’s Shareworthy

Heather went above and beyond to help this new point person work seamlessly with our organization – and we think that’s pretty shareworthy service.

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