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SEO Success in 2015: Mobile-Friendly & Functional Websites

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With so many different changes in the SEO world lately, it becomes a challenge to keep up with what’s currently working. It seems that Google makes an algorithm change almost weekly, but how do you know which ones deserve your attention? The truth is, Google and many other search engines make algorithm changes every day, but that’s a story for another time. Let’s focus on the big changes!

It is known that Google has over 200 different ranking factors that they take into consideration when determining where to place your website. Some are easy to manipulate, but then there are the “user experience” factors that you just can’t fake.

Factors such as bounce rate, how long a visitor spends on your site, how quickly a webpage loads, how many pages a person views, how many interactions take place on your actual website, and a host of others. These factors are hugely important for search engines when it comes to determining the relevancy of your website to the user’s query. If your website loads slowly, or if people are seeing your website and immediately bouncing back to the search engine results page, that’s going to send a strong signal to Google that your website may have some flaws that need to be addressed.

You might have the best product or service offering on the planet, but if it’s not in a nice package that’s easy on the eyes, fast, accessible to your market on all devices, and functional in that it answers the questions the user might have, then you probably won’t get the results you expect. Many, if not all, of these changes are already in place, and if you noticed a recent drop in your rankings, it’s not too late to get it handled.

Is your website mobile friendly?

April 21 was the big day where Google began to roll out its mobile-friendly algorithm update. Is your website responsive? Does it work well on mobile devices? If not, there’s a strong chance your organic traffic has gone down a bit on mobile devices. The algorithm update was expected to be earth shattering, but its impact was more of a light shuffle in favor of fast and responsive website designs. However, if your main competitor has a brand new, responsive, and mobile-friendly website, then you could be losing out on valuable clients and candidates to the guy next door. Nobody wants that!

Test your mobile friendliness here.

Is your website fast?

Page speed is, and has been, an important ranking factor for quite some time. But as each year passes, new technology and opportunities arise to make your site even faster than it was before. The reality is that websites should be redesigned every three years or so to make sure you’re utilizing the latest and greatest technologies the web has to offer, and showing off the latest functional design trends.

Test your page speed, here.

Is your website modern and easy to use?

Speed and mobility aside, your website needs to be easy to use for all of your potential visitors. If you’re looking for new candidates, make sure your job board is easy to find. If you’re looking for new clients to do business with, make sure they can find your phone number or contact form within a few seconds. Navigation must be simple and clean, and the look of your website should be modern and professional.

First impressions are important in every facet of life, and arguably even more important online. Think about how many times you clicked on a search result, saw an old (and maybe rusty) website, then bounced back to the search results page. If you’re anything like the average user, this probably happens a lot.

This is where Haley Marketing comes into play. We’ve been building top-of-the-line staffing and recruiting websites for our clients for nearly 15 years! Our current library includes a variety of value sites and starter designs for the budget conscious, and we can even build you that dream custom website that you always wanted. It just depends on your goals. Our websites are specifically designed with SEO and user experience in mind. We build modern websites that are responsive and mobile friendly, light weight with fast loading times, functional and easy to navigate to limit your bounce rate and increase interactions on your site, and best of all they look great! Get in touch with our team, tell us what you’re looking for, and let us take care of the rest!

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