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The Staffing Industry Changes Lives: Real Feel Good Stories

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The Staffing Industry Changes Lives: Real Feel Good Stories Header
The staffing industry sometimes gets a bad rap. Clients might think we charge too much. Some candidates are unhappy when don’t immediately find them a 6-figure job.  It’s the nature of the beast.

The reality: We kick ass and help people EVERY SINGLE DAY.

One of the new things we offer for our clients is the chance to survey candidates, build testimonials, and generate online reviews (learn more about reputation management here).  Over the last few months, we have collect hundreds of testimonials from people all across the country.  Here’s a quick sampling to highlight the amazing work that our clients are doing each and every day:

“I am so grateful for what you did for me. You changed my life by finding me and giving this opportunity. This is my dream job and I owe it all to you.”

“It was great, it only took me three days to find a job I love.  Looking on my own was extremely tedious and it took months on end with no results.  Wish I would have contacted [you] sooner.  I have nothing but good things to say.  Thanks!”

“My experience with [you] has been pretty relaxing, and they have been so helpful. It doesn’t matter if I call morning, afternoon, or evening, someone is always there to take my call and help me the best they can. The people who work at [your company] really want to help find the best fit for you in a career. I was a college graduate who couldn’t get anyone to give me a chance. Finally, I went to [your firm] and was working within 48 hours. It was a bit overwhelming, but now I’m working with an amazing company!”

“I must confess I feel so good and am happy for being one of the employees, I appreciate all the encouragement and support from the leaders by telling us how to meet up the expectation and the team work….I want to say thank you…I am so grateful for everything.”

“This experience has been a great opportunity for utilizing my skills and experience to apply them in a great position with a great company. [They] assessed my needs and matched me with a great employer that has been a great fit for me. Since starting I have gotten trained and developed into a fun position that I desire to get hired full time for.”

“They helped me find a great long-term contractor position with a major law firm downtown within 10 days since I first contacted them. They keep in touch on a regular basis and always pay on time. I can talk to my recruiter about any concerns. She even sent me a Christmas card!”

“First, thanks for the opportunity. For a person who likes to learn new things and have new experiences like me, this is the right place to work. I like the way that there’s always something new to learn and I will be able to seize every opportunity to learn more. Good environment, good money, and better benefits. Thanks!”

“I feel that it is an optimal medium for opportunity as far as building a career goes, as well as an agreeable work environment with capable, knowledgeable executives. Working with [you] has been a pleasure, nothing but.”

“I love that there are wonderful hard working jobs available. Thank you so much for everything….I love [your] services so much.”

“I am impressed with the dedication of the staff…When a company wanted to hire for a Monday start, he met me on a Saturday to finish paperwork and administer a drug test. Above and beyond.”

“I love how fast [you] find job placements for [your] employees. Great friendly staff who show compassion for everyone who walks through their doors. Thank you for all do and have done!”

“My recruiter worked very closely with me to understand exactly what I was looking for and when my position didn’t work out she worked with me and the employer to figure out the next steps. She was always there for me to answer questions anytime of the day or night.”

“I was initially hesitant about working as a contract employee. [Staffing Company] has been an amazing company to work under. They offer continuous opportunities for continued education, are both willing to answer any/all questions and prompt in their response. [Staffing Company] offers reasonable insurance packages and take the initiative to help resolve possible issues that may arise in your placement. I have enjoyed my clinical fellowship year and recommend [Staffing Company] to everyone.”

“I can always depend on you guys to find me a job I like doing. Your a loyal staffing service, because you always listen and respect your employees.”

“Amazingly easy and hassle free experience. I applied for one job when we moved here in August…They not only helped me get the job, but also gave me some really good advice. Highly professional but also practical, real and human…They even suggested that my wife should visit – they could also find work for her! Thank you so much.”

“Best decision I’ve ever made.”

Nice job staffing industry…keep it up!

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