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Infographic: How Do Top Staffing Firms Deliver Amazing Customer Service?

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Inavero_SOTI-Guide How do they do it – those leading staffing firms who stay at the top of our industry, year after year?

Well, for starters, they deliver consistently remarkable service.

Our friends at Inavero recently published a comprehensive 2015 State of the Industry Research Update, detailing exactly what top-tier staffing agencies do to ensure amazing customer service.

Here’s a handy infographic highlighting key statistics from the survey:
How Do Top Staffing Firms Deliver Amazing Customer Service Infographic

What can your staffing or recruiting firm learn from Inavero’s findings?

Here are two big takeaways:

Share valuable information your clients can use.

What should you send them? Hiring trend data. Salary information. Thought-leadership pieces that demonstrate your firm’s expertise in staffing, workforce management, HR, compliance, recruiting, interviewing – as well as industry-specific information for any niches you serve. Sharing relevant information does more than just position your firm as an expert; it also:

  • Builds stronger relationships, by showing that you take a vested interest in clients’ success.
  • Provides regular opportunities to keep your company top-of-mind.
  • Creates additional follow-up opportunities for your sales team.
  • Creates more savvy “consumers” of your services, so they use your staffing and placement services more intelligently.
  • Elevates you from the role of “order-filler” to “problem-solver.”

Make it easier for candidates to work with you.

Look for ways to reduce the stress associated with finding a job. Connect with your candidates to learn more about what produces the most anxiety for them – from the moment they apply through placement or assignment completion. Then, look for ways to simplify, streamline and provide “higher touch” service when candidates need it most.

It’s no big secret – and no great surprise – that shareworthy service is the key to staffing success. If your firm could use help with the process, please email our team or give us a call at 888.696.2900.
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