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A Tale of Two Living Rooms, or How Dated is Your Staffing Website?

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living-room-1aRecently here in Buffalo, a house came on the market that can only be described as “Cosby sweater inspired”. [Can I mention that?] [It’s ok in the context of sweaters only – Ed.]

Incredibly, the house sold in one day — likely to the Fresh Prince or a couple more interested in the school district than legwarmers. Coworkers and I likened the just-so-eighties décor of the house to the store the Facts of Life girls opened as they jumped the shark, the roller rink in Xanadu or a slick disco in Miami Vice. Certainly you agree with us — after all there are neon-topped columns in the kitchen!

living-room-2aAt the same time, a listing for penthouse condo with a stunning view of Our Fair City’s downtown from every room jolted the imaginations of every trust fund baby and lottery winner in town.

The dream of anyone who’s ever flipped through House Beautiful, the tasteful, modern expanse features every convenience, decorations with form and function – and a seven-figure price tag. With the resurgence of our downtown, there is no doubt the flat will sell, but not in one day.

As a project manager here at Haley Marketing, I have had the dubious honor of seeing hundreds of before sites, some of which somehow predated the Internet. We always share these sites with their pink and lime green palettes, crude shadows, flashing text and once clever staggered or curvy layouts – knowing that we are going to make a big difference for these clients.

So what does your website look like now – and what do you want it to look like?

Does your site have a teeny-tiny rectangular layout with copy bursting the borders of the screen?

Do you have pictures of people in front of bulky CRT computer monitors?

Is your website older than your preteen kids?

Are there services that you offer now that have never been mentioned on your website?

Unlike our Solid Gold house above, your website should not serve as a time capsule, but as a 24/7 representative of your company. First impressions and all that.

Any staffing website needs to answer three questions:

  1. What does XYZ Staffing do?
  2. Where are they?
  3. Do I want to work with them?

Often with older sites, your visitors cannot answer any of these questions — except for the last. Your competition might have the same services but a better site. Guess who’s going to have more eyeballs on their site and more phone calls coming in to their recruiters?

At Haley Marketing Group, we know that not every owner of a staffing firm has won the lotto and can buy the penthouse.

But we do know that we can provide amazing staffing company websites for all ranges of tastes and budgets.

From do-it-yourself value sites, to comfortably priced and contemporary starter designs to exceptional, no stops pulled custom sites, we can set you up with the perfect website for you — and your wallet.

It’s time to take off the roller skates and douse the neon. Move your staffing website on up. Show the world who you are now and what you offer — and let your visitors make the right decision to work with you.

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