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25 Years of Innovation Means More Affordable Marketing and Less Rubber Cement Smell

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Haley Marketing Group’s team of designers and developers work together in a room with a closed door, the lights turned off, and the (somewhat transparent) window shades down. They’re kind of weird. I know because I’m one of them. From websites to social media to email to print, the talent in the creative room at Haley can handle pretty much any project that’s thrown through the aforementioned closed door. We stare at computer screens all day, sometimes getting frustrated over the placement of individual pixels and miniscule differences in the spacing of letters so you can only imagine what it would be like in a room full of sharp knives that smelled of rubber cement with no help from computers.

For many active designers currently plying their trade, myself included, software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign has been a constant. While still requiring a lot of skill to operate it (and to create awesome work with it), the software has made every designer’s life infinitely less stressful. As the video below demonstrates, laying out an advertisement used to be an extremely tedious exercise that could take days to complete instead of mere hours.

Yes, it takes less time to create a stunning graphics piece, be it a full website design or a single-sided flyer, but it is still a difficult thing to do. Instead of taking the time to lay rubber cement on the back of elements of the final piece or cutting yourself with an exacto knife, we spend the time making sure that designs are pixel-perfect. You want every element to work well with each other and with every color picked for the piece.

That reduction in the amount of time it takes to design and build your company’s project also means a massive reduction in cost. Technology means that it can now take minutes to do tasks (like laying out type) that used to require a full day or more. Those time savings mean that we can take your vision and turn it into a beautiful, functional, and attainable design, as stated in our company’s simple philosophy: to make great marketing more affordable.

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