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New Marketing Media (Same Marketing Concept)

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Take a trip back in time and think about a paperboy standing on the corner of a busy intersection.

How does he get the attention of the masses?

How does he get newspaper readers to buy from him and not the competitor on the opposite corner?

Standing brave, he takes a step up onto his soapbox where he can shout the news above the crowd, making it travel further and to more listeners.

Once the crowd is capable of hearing his message, he hooks them with catchy taglines that peak curiosity and then, just as the crowd becomes captivated by his message, he delivers his sales pitch, driving newspaper sales.

Decades later…marketers use the same approach, but instead of a newspaper as their medium, they are using Twitter.

Much like the paperboy, shouting into the crowd aimlessly won’t increase sales.

Using the most popular social media tools, how can you grow and engage your audience on Twitter?

In 5 months Haley Marketing Group increased one client’s Twitter followers by 1,300% and another by 469%, leading to measurable business results.


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