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E-Mail Will Drive Traffic to Your Website

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This week’s blog entry in the series stressing the importance of returning website visitors takes a look at using e-mail marketing to drive traffic back to your website on a consistent basis.

Seemingly everyone gets bombarded with countless e-mails to their inboxes on a daily basis, so why should a staffing company consider using its own newsletter or other publication as a significant part of its content marketing strategy?

Because you can stand out from pack!

Granted, it will take work. Anyone can find some best practices and develop a solid newsletter. But your staffing company wants to be better than solid, it wants to be the e-mail that doesn’t get the automatic delete when someone cleans out their inbox.

Why Is It Important?

If you don’t look at anything else, please make sure you read this chart:


Source: www.MarketingCharts.com

A survey of 300 marketing, sales and business professionals said that e-mail marketing was the most effective strategy for lead generation.

The Subject Line

What’s the first thing you see when you receive an e-mail? Yup, the subject line.

Subject lines are like the headlines on a web (or print) article. They need to grab your attention. They can be clickbait. (if that’s your thing).

What they have to do is provide value to the reader. The subject line needs to tell users why they should open your e-mail, take time to read it, possibly click on links in the e-mail and then spend more time reading that content.

It can be simple, funny or personalized (we’ll get into personalization more in later blogs). It can ask a question. It can be mysterious or reference a list.

Creating subject lines that show value to users can be difficult. Don’t underestimate their importance.

The Content

Now that we got the e-mail’s recipient to actually open the e-mail, what do we put in this thing?

That content needs to directly reflect your goals. Some options include

  • Hot Jobs – wherever the information resides, job postings always generate clicks. People love looking at jobs, both active and passive jobseekers. The grass almost always seems greener. An exciting description of a job that links back to your website is a great way to generate traffic.
  • Talented Candidates – while talented candidates seem to be less prevalent than in recent months and years, most staffing companies are always looking for more clients. Featuring your top candidates is a great way to get in the door with companies.
  • Blog Posts – we’ve talked about the importance of a blog on your website. Don’t assume the people receiving your e-mail check your website weekly to read the latest blog post. Share that content in the newsletter so even more eyeballs see it, learn from it and realize your staffing company can be a thought leader.

This blog entry won’t go in-depth on the design of the newsletter, but make sure that it is mobile-responsive! More than half of e-mail gets opened on a mobile device so if your newsletter isn’t programmed correctly, it could look jumbled and disjointed. Don’t give recipients a reason to hit delete!

Quality content will get your e-mail newsletter into the cycle of being consistently read by its recipients. Putting some time into your newsletter’s content and design will lead to great results (and more returning visitors to your website).

Our next blog post in the series will go into Remarketing and how a staffing company can use that marketing tool to stay fresh with its potential candidates and clients.

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