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It’s Time To Work On A Car!

Okay, not really.  But as I’m sure you’ve all read my profile on Haley Marketing’s website, you’ll notice that I’m a car enthusiast.  I recently began listening to a great syndicated show, Car Talk.  For the uninitiated, two brothers discuss car repair questions or requests from callers on their NPR radio show.  The brothers, Click & Clack, have callers on their show that describe a general issue with their car.

The callers normally only provide a sound or a symptom of what they think is wrong, which they (hopefully) act out on the call.  If the brothers are lucky, the caller will also give them a location of the car that they believe the symptom is coming from.   Click & Clack would then ask a series of questions and eventually take a guess as to what they believe the cause of the symptom, and a solution to that symptom.

That Does Sound Entertaining….

What always amazed me is how the brothers translated a “whirling sound” into a bad clutch or how an issue with starting and stopping a car was related to the choke.  Don’t worry if these terms and words don’t mean much to you, but what is important is how the brothers arrived at these conclusions.  And their thought process can help you meet, and exceed, the needs of your clients.

Wait, Isn’t This A Marketing Blog?

Yes it is!  Here’s how you can transition their antics to your company and help foster a great client relationship.  The brothers ask specific questions, one after another, until they reach the real issue with the caller’s car.  They will start with localizing the sound and then finding a cause, and a solution, all from a small symptom that inconvenienced the driver!  They question the caller to find the nuances that make that problem unique to that car and then provide an answer that reflects that caller’s specific situation.

And that’s what you’ll need to do!  A client calls with a problem:  A crucial worker isn’t available for a month and they’re freaking out.  How do you help them?  Sending over an employee is easy, but understanding their specific needs and requirements will build a positive and long-lasting relationship with that client.  Why not take the time to ask and find out the nuances that make their situation unique, as you may have a better solution than the client anticipated.  Or, even better, you have a solution for a problem that the client didn’t realize they had.

Question, Question, Question!

If you need additional training, spend a day or two listening to the Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.

Or better yet, contact Haley Marketing today to find out more about what solutions we offer to help you meet, and exceed, the expectations of your clients.

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