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How Should Our Staffing Firm Use YouTube?

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YouTube may be one of the most overlooked social channels to use in the staffing and recruiting industry — which leaves a large gap in your overall social media strategy.

As with many of the other social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, YouTube provides an opportunity for you to answer questions and provide valuable resources for your key audiences.

The unique aspect of YouTube is the focus on video content. So, how should your staffing or recruiting firm be using a channel dedicated to videos? Create videos!

In our industry, we have a unique opportunity to make great use of visual content on this platform. Whether you are looking to speak to clients trying to fill positions or candidates you are looking to place, you can speak directly to them – in your own voice, where they can feel as though they are getting to know you. Anytime your team hears questions or identifies a common topic that your audience is discussing, you have an opportunity to answer that question.  

Consider these examples of opportunities for creating videos:

  • Sharing interviewing tips;
  • Showcasing mock interviews;
  • Discussing how to properly follow up after an interview;
  • Discussing the most common interview mistakes your recruiters see and how to overcome them;
  • Share tips for preparing for an interview; and
  • How to perform background research before an interview.

The best part about YouTube isn’t just that you have a dedicated channel where users can find a list of all of your video content — it is that you can share the URLs for each video across all of your social platforms. A simple way to form followers is to Buy YouTube Views here and get a head start. If you’re looking to target candidates on Facebook, you can share your videos about how to prepare for an interview, steps to take after accepting a job offer, mock interview examples and many more topics that are relevant to this audience. You can position yourself as a valuable and interesting resource, all while building a strong online reputation for your brand.

Videos can be created in many ways, from professional production to short clips shot directly from your smartphone.

According to Search Engine Land, YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the Internet. When creating a content marketing strategy, be sure to consider the value of video content.

For help creating a social media strategy, download our eBook Social Media: A Game Plan for Staffing and Recruiting Firms.


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