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Putting It All Together: Social Sharing on LinkedIn

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The third aspect of the Blogging, E-Mail Newsletter, Social Sharing: Putting It All Together case study deals with social sharing. In the last two weeks, we covered how blogging forms the foundation of a content marketing strategy while an e-mail newsletter shares the content with a wider audience and generates spikes in traffic to your staffing website.

Social sharing provides another outlet for sharing your content with an even wider audience (and providing more spikes!). At the Haley Marketing Group, we definitely recommend sharing on Facebook and Twitter but in this case study, we just utilized LinkedIn sharing and saw great results.

What Is Social Sharing?

Let’s start with the basics because some people can get intimidated when they hear about sharing content on social media.

All it entails is taking your unique content and pasting a link on a social media page (or pages). With a plugin on your website, anyone can easily share content with two clicks. Posting the content on your website gets one audience. Sending out your content in a newsletter reaches even more people. Now, sharing the content across social media casts the net ever wider.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is quickly becoming a popular destination for professionals to connect and consume content. At the end of July, 97 million unique visitors came to LinkedIn. People are in the mindset to find professional content and come in a professional mindset to LinkedIn.

I’m not saying don’t share on Facebook and Twitter. My opinion is exactly the opposite. For the sake of this case study, we just looked at LinkedIn as it’s quickly becoming looked at as the “go-to” place on social media in the professional realm.

How Do We Share on LinkedIn?

With four blog posts per month (getting published about every week), we take the weekly post and share it across LinkedIn groups. Why LinkedIn groups? Because LinkedIn groups feature targeted audiences, and who doesn’t want to market to their target audience?

The LinkedIn groups can be based around a geographical region, an industry or both. Finding those targeted LinkedIn groups (and there are more than 2 million LinkedIn groups) takes a little bit of work but you will be able to find the targeted audience you want.

Also, taking the posts and publishing them from your personal LinkedIn page will push that post directly to the LinkedIn feeds of your followers (so grow your follower count!)

So, Did It Work?

Quite simply, look below at the spikes.

ZDA LinkedIn Sharing

It’s easy to see where content got posted and then it’s also easy to see where content didn’t get posted.

Website traffic is up nearly 37 percent through the first eight months of 2015 and traffic from LinkedIn is up 826 percent!

Putting It All Together

Each aspect of a good content marketing plan serves a purpose, which is something I tried to emphasize in the case study and also in these three blog posts. Will each of them work individually? More than likely yes. Do they work better together, they should and this case study proves that.

What it comes down to is looking at the goals of your staffing company and figuring out how to create a content marketing strategy that helps your firm work to reach those goals. These three methods (blogging, newsletter and social sharing) should work for just about every staffing company. Other aspects can be added, and we’ll take a look at one of those strategies in the form of an eBook next week.

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