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6 Real Time Events to Prepare Content Around in 2016

Content Marketing Strategy 2016
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Real Time Events to Prepare Content Around in 2016


Developing a 2016 content calendar starts with… well… looking at a calendar.

And, while it’s easy to say “I want to publish a blog every Tuesday this year,” coming up with 52 ideas for topics can be somewhat challenging… even for content marketers who focus day after day on building content strategies.

Looking at a calendar for 2016, I was able to come up with 6 key events that you can build staffing and employment related content around.

Use these ideas for your own content marketing strategies and, if you have any other great ideas, share them in the comments below!

Real Time Events – 2016 Content Marketing Strategies

Super Bowl 50

Regardless if your team is going to be in contention for a Super Bowl opportunity (trust me… I’m depressed the Bills won’t make it this year too) everybody will be talking about Super Bowl 50 on social media. So why not make it a part of your content marketing strategy?

Use this opportunity to engage your audience with some time sensitive content that relates to their needs, while tying in the big game.

  • How to Build a Championship Calibre Team You Can Be Proud Of
  • 5 Leadership Traits that Every Employee Can Learn From (Winning Quarterback)
  • Overcoming Workplace Adversity | 4 Tips From (Player)

Spring Training

If you’re lucky enough to operate in Kansas City you can come up with some excellent ideas that relate to last year’s Royals. Even still, regardless of where you are, America is bound to get hyped for spring training and the start of Baseball Season. Tie in a local team, or just your personal favorite team and put out some timely content around America’s Pastime.

  • 4 Tips to Prepare For Your Rookie Season and Impress Upper Management
  • Restructuring Your Team For Success | 3 Ways to Rebound And Refocus After Letting Someone Go

Daytona 500

My uncle was a huge NASCAR fan and while I could never get into the race itself, I was always (and still am) fascinated by the total team effort that goes into winning a race.

Sure the driver is in control of the car…but there’s a lot to be said for the guys that make sure the tires are on securely. There’s even more to be said about the crew in charge of making sure the car doesn’t run out of gas on it’s last lap.

Similarly, every company and team is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

  • You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link | Building an All Star Pit Crew In The Office
  • 3 Tips to Develop and Execute a Winning Strategy

Summer Olympics

The Olympics are bound to be one of the most talked about events on social media in 2016. Making sure you have the content to fuel a social media strategy that connects to the games is critical.

But what does your staffing firm have to do with a 500m dash is Rio de Janeiro? You’re core strategy is recruiting, not reporting swimming records like ESPN.

  • Treating Your Career Like the Summer Olympics | The Importance of Envisioning and Continuing to Strive for Success
  • How to Piece Individuals into a Gold Medal Winning Team
  • 4 Things to Remember When Great Effort Isn’t Quite Good Enough

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The Masters

I’m an avid weekend warrior when it comes to gold. And, while my handicap is much higher than I’d like it to be, I can’t get enough of the game, and I certainly can’t get enough of Augusta.

While the rest of corporate America is using their second computer monitor to follow the greatest weekend in golf, it’s important for you to prepare some content that you’ll be able to share while the main group enters Amen Corner.

  • Every Great Leader Needs a Great Caddy | 4 Benefits of Finding (and Trusting) a Career Mentor
  • Finding a Job You Love So Much You’d Work for Free
    “If the Masters offered no money at all, I would be here trying just as hard” – Ben Hogan

Local/Personal Events

Whether it’s a charity event, a day trip to a local destination, or some exciting personal news from a team member, plan your blogging content around topics that are relevant to your team and your specific market.

While it is important to share quality resources, it is also a great practice to showcase the individuals that work for your company and your organization as a whole.

Final Notes

Your blog should provide value to your audience, and great content marketing strategies have both an element of business and entertainment. It should be an opportunity for your team to showcase their specific knowledge on key topics.

The examples above are a starting point, not the end solution. Use them to start getting your ideas flowing and create a content plan that is unique to your audience.

Have questions about blogging, content marketing, or our industry leading recruitment website design? Need help getting started? Our team understands content marketing and the staffing industry. Trust the experts and contact Haley Marketing Group today.


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