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Simple Tricks to Use Social Media Effectively

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When you’re new to social media, it can be scary. Or maybe you’re not so new, but you feel like it’s something you don’t know too much about, and you’re definitely not comfortable using it for business – either personally or to represent your company.

The truth is, social media isn’t scary. It’s a great way to build branding and make new connections. So how can you become an avid social media user?

  • Add new contacts to your network. Every time you meet someone new (in person, via email, etc.) add them as a connection on LinkedIn and customize your invite to ask them to follow your company social pages. This will help you grow and keep track of your network, while also building your company’s social following.
  • Be present. It’s OK if social media isn’t your #1 hobby. We recommend scheduling 15 minutes each day on your calendar for sharing or interacting with content on social media. It will build your reputation and make you more accessible.
  • Don’t be afraid. If you don’t know much about social media, or feel it’s something you don’t  understand, don’t just ignore it! Haley Marketing Group has a ton of free information to help you learn how to utilize each platform and learn the best practices along the way.
  • Utilize content already available to you. Your company’s blog is a great place to start when looking for content to share socially. Beyond this, it’s 100% OK and even recommended to mix outside content into your sharing strategy! If you read an interesting article on LinkedIn or from another reputable source, share this content with a blurb that reflects your opinion of the content or summarizes what the content is about.

If you’re looking for additional information to help you learn, consider the resources below as great places to get started.

Social media is truly a great resource for your business when used not only as a company, but as an employee. For additional tips or to talk to our marketing educators about how Haley Marketing Group can assist you with your social media strategy, contact us today!

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