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Candidate Skill Marketing | Haley Marketing Group
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Candidate Skill Marketing | Haley Marketing Group


A lot of the marketing we do for our clients falls under “Relationship Marketing”.  It’s the idea that you are sending your clients and prospects valuable information on a regular basis but not in a “salesy” way.  It certainly helps position you as experts and keep you top of mind.

However, there is one marketing tactic that you can use to get an instant response…Candidate Skill Marketing.  Our HaleyMail clients have access to our extensive library of what we call Top Candidate emails.  Below are some examples.

Candidate Skill Marketing

Candidate Skill Marketing

Candidate Skill Marketing













These emails are a great way to promote some of the top talent that you have available.  Each mailing consists of a paragraph or two about 3-6 of the best of the best talent that our clients have available.  It also includes a “Find out more about this candidate” link that sends an email directly to the recruiter or sales rep associated with that candidate.

For our clients who send these on a regular basis they have become an invaluable marketing resource.  Just think, one permanent placement as a result of these mailings could pay for your entire marketing for the year!

If you’d like more information about our Top Candidate emails or our HaleyMail product please contact me at [email protected].  I’d be happy to share details on how our clients are placing candidates and generating leads with these powerful emails.


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