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The Check-in: QC Tips for Staffing Firms (part 2 of 2)

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Have you checked out our latest infographic on QC stats for staffing firms?

Compiled from research conducted by our good friends at Inavero, the infographic reveals what the best staffing firms do right when it comes to QC after assignments start.

In addition to key statistics, Inavero’s Optimizing the Staffing Agency Quality Control Process also contains valuable practical advice your staffing firm can benefit from. Here’s what you can do to amp up your customer service by improving check-ins and follow up calls for your temporaries on assignment:

Implement and formalize a quality control process.

You probably have some type of quality control process in place (85% of staffing agencies do), but how formal, consistent and measurable is it? To reliably address service and satisfaction issues, your team should follow a well-documented process that includes accountability metrics to gauge success.

Establish 3 to 4 check-in points during the placement process.

Believe it or not, Inavero’s research found that “more” is not always “better” when it comes to staffing QC. Why? Too many customer touch points can actually fatigue the service relationship. To optimize satisfaction, create a process with 3 or 4 check-ins with both clients and the people you place.

Measure satisfaction along the way.

To determine if your quality control process is effective, you must provide ways for recruiters and account managers to measure it. Track the factors which matter most: types of issues; patterns that arise across placements; and employee accountability measures to ensure issue resolution.

Use email for at least some of the check-ins to increase client satisfaction.

Clients are extremely busy, and email is a convenient way to gauge satisfaction and identify issues without unnecessarily interrupting their day. Plus, many clients feel more comfortable providing honest feedback in writing, as opposed to over the phone. Ultimately, Inavero found that staffing firms which use email for at least some of their check-ins reported higher client satisfaction ratings.

Ask the right QC questions.

The best question to ask is: “If you had a permanent position available in your company, how likely would you be to recommend hiring this person?” In addition to asking other questions about timeliness, performance and service issues, give your clients ample opportunity to ask you questions, too. Creating a true two-way dialog is the ideal way to deliver shareworthy service that strengthens business relationships – and leads to more repeat business!

Have a QC tip to share? I’d love to hear about it. Please leave me a comment below!

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