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Should Your Content Marketing Strategy Focus on Sales?

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There are many different reasons why a company may begin a content marketing strategy, and there are a lot of great reasons out there to focus on this strategy. It can create thought leadership, help with SEO and driving traffic to your website, serve as a resource for your audience, and yes, even help to drive new prospects and candidates.

However, there is a huge difference in focusing on sales in content marketing and using content marketing to aid in your sales efforts.

Things not to blog about:

  • Your services
  • Your pricing

The reason: This information is already available on your website, and these people have access to find this information and reach out to you based on their needs. When people read your blog, they’re looking to learn something or find a resource.

Things to blog about:

  • Questions your audience has
  • Valuable resources
  • Success stories of your services
  • Press releases about news and events
  • Updates about job fairs
  • How your team gives back to your community

The reason: This information helps provide thought leadership and resources to your audiences when they need them, building trust and nurturing relationships.

Disclaimer: An occasional blog post featuring a new service or a change in your business is acceptable, especially when positioned as a news release. This just shouldn’t be the main focus of having a blog.

At Haley Marketing, we strongly encourage you to consider if a content marketing strategy is right for you, and how this can aid in your sales process – not how it can serve as your sales process.

For more information, check out our eBook on Blogging for Placements.


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