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One Job Board Solution Balancing the Needs of Two Divisions: A Case Study in Shareworthy Service

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Balance Staffing

Founded in 1997, Balance Staffing’s mission is to match talented candidates with great work opportunities. Providing staffing and workforce management solutions, their mission and values (integrity, relationships, passion and innovation) guide their actions today and decisions tomorrow.

The Challenge:

To accommodate the needs of two distinct divisions, Balance Staffing used two applicant tracking systems. However, they wanted to integrate both systems with a single job board. Though they were using our job board service at the time, they reached out to a competitor for help with the integration – and called us to cancel service.

Brian Vaccaro, a Marketing Support Specialist with Haley Marketing, suspected that ours was the better job board solution for Balance Staffing’s unique situation. So instead of throwing in the proverbial towel when the cancellation came through, he spoke on the phone with Cara Chandler, Balance Staffing’s Marketing and Brand Manager.

As luck would have it, we happened to be holding a brief training webinar on our job boards that very afternoon. Cara attended the webinar and was shocked at how much our job board could do. She held off cancelling our job board and wanted to discuss keeping us instead of going with our competitor.

Service and Implementation:

Although Cara decided to stay with Haley Marketing, our work had just begun:

  1. Brian had a series of phone calls with Balance Staffing’s team to help identify their overall goals and understand the needs for each division.
  2. Next, we laid out a plan to configure their job board so that it met the requirements of each division’s ATS (each had its own set of goals, which we were able to meet by configuring two separate job board accounts).
  3. With a clear plan, our team helped Cara configure our standard job board to meet her company’s goals, using a combination of settings that no other client had yet taken advantage of.


Balance Staffing now has a highly customized job board that works with both of their applicant tracking systems. They cancelled their account with our competitor and they’re happy with our ability to meet their company’s unique goals.

“From my first interactions through emails with Brian, I was impressed and appreciative of his level of service. He was responsive, quick, and above all, honest. Even though I was asking questions about possibly leaving Haley and using another service, he provided me with answers to my questions in a way that was not intimidating, biased or threatening – he became a true resource for me.

“Through my journey of trying to create an answer for my company’s needs, I was able to use that foundation of trust to have other key stakeholders in my company become aware of what Haley could do for our team. Brian continued to be available, receptive and willing to help us talk about our decision making process. He allowed us to hold a phone call with over 5 key stakeholders in my company, spread across the country, to ask their respective questions and share their hopes for a job board. Brian was willing to take our requests back to the team at Haley and work to create a solution that worked for us. His honesty and availability is what made us choose to not cancel our work with Haley Marketing, but instead, to increase our work with them to higher levels.

We couldn’t be happier! I want to thank Brian for really helping me see the level of service that Haley Marketing could provide and for being far more than a representative of a paid-service, but a resource, who was willing to provide true, helpful information to me in my process. I’m looking forward to the things our company will be able to accomplish through our support from Haley Marketing.”

–Cara Chandler, Marketing and Brand Manager


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