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Go mobile…no we’re not talking about your website

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One of my favorite breweries, Ommegang has their very own RV that is traveling across New York State this week handing out their delicious beers.  Great, so what does that have to do with marketing for staffing firms?  I’m glad you asked!

Usually when we talk about “going mobile” it’s about having a great mobile version of your website or email newsletter.  But today I want to apply “going mobile” to your candidate recruiting experience.

One of the big complaints we hear about the staffing industry is a “poor candidate experience”.  Think about the process that your candidates have to go through, contact your office, schedule an interview, find a way to your office, sit in a waiting room, fill out never ending paperwork, complete skills testing, and then finally interview.  It makes for a long exhausting day.

Now what if instead of your candidates coming to you, you went to your candidates?  If you adopt the Ommegang method of bringing your product, in this case potential employment, to your candidates it will certainly help you stand out from the competition.  Consider renting a van or even a small bus and driving to popular areas in your market to set up “mobile interviews.”  Develop a streamlined application process and quick interview format to help screen out potential candidates.  Then promote where your “mobile office” will be on social media ahead of any stops.  If your town has food trucks I’m sure you know this concept well!

Not only will you be able to build your potential candidate pool but I’m willing to bet you might get some great PR out of it as well!

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