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Latest Job Board and HaleyMail Updates: v3.9.5 Release Notes

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staffing-website-job-board What’s new with HaleyMail and our Job Board?

Glad you asked!

We’re continually improving, upgrading and, yes, debugging our software to deliver a more seamless experience for you. Recently, we made some notable updates to remedy minor issues with our software; here’s a quick overview of v3.9.5 (released August 11, 2016):

Haley Marketing Release Notes for v3.9.5:

Job Board Updates:

  • Improved posting process. When posting jobs, you can now add the zip code first – and the city, state and country fields will auto-fill (U.S. and Canada).
  • Bug fix. We fixed the bug where a Google Analytics code was missing from the mobile job board, thereby improving reporting for mobile traffic.
  • New feature. Trying to track hits to your job board’s Thank You page in Google Analytics? Now you can! Job board Thank You pages now redirect to a trackable Thank You page. To get your URL, just add /jb/thank-you/JOBNUMBER to the end of your job board URL. Example: http://jobs.haleymarketing.com/jb/thank-you/1424674.  For aggregate reporting, or if no job number is provided (e.g.,through a Thank You page from an external ATS), just leave off the job number: Example: http://jobs.haleymarketing.com/jb/thank-you/
  • Keep that spam in the can. To reduce job board spam, we added Captcha functionality to job board registration/signup and applications for visitors not logged into a job board account.
  • Bug fix. We squashed a pesky display bug where third-party-integrated clients were seeing the wrong recruiter assigned to jobs on the Edit Job screen. If a third-party ATS does not send recruiter info for a job, no recruiter is assigned, and application notifications continue to route to the default job board owner.
  • Resolved duplicate mobile application. We resolved a duplicate mobile application issue that occurred when mobile visitors clicked “Back to Results” after applying and were incorrectly directed back to the last page of their applications instead of to their search results, where they were able to submit again.
  • Additional Help text. To help job board visitors with cookie-related login issues, we added Help text to Login Help.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • New Opt-In option. We added an option for “Any List” to the newsletter widget code generator, to allow for clients and candidates to opt in for multiple lists in the same session.
  • Enhanced functionality. We made several improvements to manage subscriptions functionality.
  • Bug fix. Ever had problems viewing a contact’s mailing history from Manage Lists screen? Not anymore! That bug’s been squashed.

Haley Marketing’s tech team works hard to write clean code and evolve our user interfaces along with other platforms for one reason: YOU! Our goal is to build marketing tools that are powerful, dynamic and easy for you to use.

Have a tech question?

I’d be happy to answer it – just drop me a line or leave your question in the comments section below.


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