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Recruit Better Candidates with Re-Recruiting Tactics

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Returning visitors to your job board are 2x more likely to apply to a job than a first-time visitor.

Why does that information matter to you?

Well, it means that you need to focus more effort on herding candidates back to your website.

The problem? Traditional recruiting tactics focus on new job applicants, not return visitors.

Never fear, Re-Recruiting is here!

With a Re-Recruiting campaign, you can:

  • Show up at the top of more Google search results.
  • Surround your audience with ads on the most popular websites on the Internet.
  • Turn social media into a recruiting engine.

With Re-Recruiting, we target two key audiences:

  1. Existing candidates in your ATS.
    We target current and former candidates with your newest job opportunities through a simple export from your staffing software.
  1. Visitors who’ve been to your website before.
    Candidates looking for jobs or reading job-related materials will have a tracking code installed and be targeted with your visually rich ads – all across the Internet.

Be in the right place, at the right time (always). Attract qualified candidates back to your website. And do it for LESS than traditional recruiting costs.

Want to find out how Re-Recruiting can work for you? Read our Idea Club article introducing the service, or contact your marketing advisor today!


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