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Why Does Our Whole Team Blog?

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At Haley Marketing, we take blogging on as a team effort. Every member of our team participates in creating and sharing blog content.


Our clients are important to us – so when someone asks a question, we don’t just answer it. We listen, try to understand the question and the reason for the question, and determine how we can best help solve the issue – not only for the individual asking, but for all of our clients. Many of our blog topics are created as a result of a question or need from one of our clients.

In a blogging program, thinking of your audience is essential. Your clients and candidates are looking for you to be the expert in your specialty – and for you to share that knowledge with them. When creating content, be sure to put your audience first and share your knowledge and expertise; doing so positions you as a thought leader and establishes authority for your brand.

Does your team lack the time to blog?

We understand. But this doesn’t mean your team can’t participate in your blogging strategy. When any member of your team has a question from a client or candidate, share it with the person in charge of organizing your blogging program. This way, you are able to reach your target audience with the information they are most interested in, even when your team is pressed for time.

At HMG, we find the time to make blogging a priority, but you don’t have to! We are here to work with your team to craft original, engaging blog posts as part of your content marketing strategy.

Reach our to our marketing educators today to learn how we can help you manage your content marketing strategy!

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