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Creating Goals for Your Social Strategy

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There are many reasons for a company to have a strong presence on social media. However, doing it because “everyone else is” has never been a good reason to make any decision. So, why does your company need a social media strategy?

Building Your Brand

Having a strategic social media strategy is a great way to create a strong online presence. Social media gives your company an opportunity to showcase your culture, values and personality and to be easily accessible to your audience. Having an active presence across the social platforms your audiences are active on makes you available and allows you to become a valued resource.

Being Available for Your Audience

You should be active where your audience is active. If job seekers in your industry are active on Facebook, you should have a strong Facebook presence. Share related industry articles, original content from your blog, top job opportunities and links to valuable resources – such as your job board or contact form. Some social platforms also serve as a way to communicate directly with you – from direct messaging on Facebook to responding in real-time on Twitter.

Driving Targeted Traffic

Gaining prospects and recruiting top talent are two common goals of a social strategy. In order to do this, you should carefully define your target audience and tailor your strategy to share content your audience will find valuable – and that will drive them back to your website. We strongly recommend driving them back to pages where they will find relevant, helpful information. From this point, strong calls-to-action should drive them to take the action you are striving for – such as applying for a job or sharing their contact information in a form.

Having a social strategy is a great way to build your brand, become a valued resource and to drive targeted traffic. To learn more about the value of social media in your content marketing strategy, reach out to our marketing educators today!


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